Ninth S1000D User Forum 2010

published 01/10/2010
The Ninth S1000D User Forum 2010 had been held between the 27th and 30th September, 2010 in Russia on which the Russian scientific and technical public had been informed on works on standardization ILS of association ASD, development of standards of training SCORM.

7th Congress of The Asian Network for Quality (ANQ)

published 05/10/2009
«RosPolyTeсhSoft» Corporation took part in the 7th Congress of The Asian Network for Quality (ANQ).

International Maritime Defense Show IMDS-2009

published 01/07/2009
«RosPolyTeсhSoft» Corporation participated in the International Maritime Defense Show IMDS-2009.

Development of the computer-based learning game “NOT A GAME!” is completed

published 12/11/2008
По заказу Дирекции Федеральной целевой программы «Повышение безопасности дорожного движения в 2006-2012 годах» и Департамента Обеспечения Безопасности Дорожного Движения МВД России разработана компьютерная обучающая игра для школьников под метким и символичным названием «НЕ ИГРА!».

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